Know the “was” and “is” of website trends!!!

Technology is an ever-changing field, what is new and trending today would be history tomorrow. At times these changes or inventions are so spontaneous that missing it is obvious. This is a proven fact in terms of website development and design. A site design style which was popular and trendy a decade ago would be obscure today. Let’s try to understand more about recent Website trends.

Let us take an example, A decade ago, none of the industry experts would have predicted the responsive nature of websites and the ease of access on mobile devices.

Considering this, it would be safe to say that while designing the website, a designer needs to understand the current trends. Also, the designer needs to keep himself updated with the trends that have gone. This is vital to make a trendy and modern website. Presenting some such trends which were the flavor of the season and what have they been replaced by.

“Mobile” style web pages

During the time when data on the mobile device was just evolving, the biggest challenge faced was adaptability of the website on the smaller screen size. The website which was originally designed for a 17-inch screen was now to be adjusted in a 5 or 6-inch screen size. These were tedious tasks, involving manual adjustments of zoom in and zoom out by the users.

responsive website

As a solution, developers started making two websites, one for the desktops other for the mobile. This also was not a feasible option due to duplicity in work and maintenance. With advancement in the technology, the concept of a responsive website was born. A responsive website auto adjusts the content in proportion to the screen size to avoid manual intervention.

The concept of making two websites has now been replaced by responsive websites.

Clicking elements

Speed and ease with which you get the required information from the website is the key player today. Clicking has been substituted by scrolling as it tends to load faster. Clicking for the required information and the waiting it to load is no longer fun.

from clicking to scrolling

Not only the speed it is also  easy to scroll for the mobile users. Smartphone users today prefer to browse when on go, scrolling helps them to access the information with speed.

Click has been replaced by scrolling.

Complex designs

Simplicity is elegant –  is the trend today.

Design features like image carousels, slideshows, colorful fonts and so on are no longer in. The simpler the design the more attractive it is. The trend started with Apple launching the iOS7 with a minimalist approach. However, this like past might also turn out to be just a temporary phase.

complex design

Heavy, gaudy  animated videos and graphics have now been replaced by elegant and simple design styles.

Simple fonts and typography

When it comes to websites, simplicity is restricted to design in most cases depending on the product or service being showcased. For example, a fashion website would have creative fonts whereas a medical website would have standard fonts.

gaudy fonts

Creative and bolder fonts are gaining more and more attention. An attractive typography looks better and conveys the message of web owner effectively. The typography and font elements help companies reflect their personality and create a brand.

Multiple pages

Couple of years back a SEO friendly website was one which had endless number of pages. Today search engines give emphasis on page relevance when it comes to rankings. Many of the archived pages today have become obsolete.

one page website

One page websites have become popular today as all the relevant data is available on easy scroll down. This also helps the mobile users as they also prefer scrolls rather than clicks.

Designs heavy in text

Text based design was popular for awhile, but due to its feature of load time taken experts started looking for alternative methods.

heavy font

Today most of the devices like desktops, smartphones and tablets are capable of handling demanding graphics easily. Playing of videos is a cake walk in terms of device speed and cost, due to which they are popular among the businessmen.

Instead of opting for the stereotype font rules, breaking the rules is the trend today.

The use of cheap stock photos

Need a picture, search one from “free use stock photo” directories.

It’s time to stop using generic stock photos. For a long time, web designers were grabbing images from “free use stock photo” directories. Today, that is no longer a viable option. In order to relate to audiences better, companies tend to use authentic, high-quality pictures that express the personality of the business.

free stock photos

Clicking actual pictures and uploading that picture on the website is also preferred by many.

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