The Siachen Miracle


Miracles do happen and it is proven time and again, the Siachen survival is one of them. The Siachen rescue operation proves the capabilities, determination, dedication and perseverance of the Indian Defence force.

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A massive ice-wall, measuring almost a km wide and 800 m tall, crashed on  the Sonam Post, at 19,600 ft in the Northern Siachen Glacier, on February 3 which had the 19 Madras Regiment stationed. Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad with his other 9 colleagues were trapped under this massive avalanche. The rescue operation was initiated with a team of over 150 soldiers, sniffer dogs and specialized equipments had been deployed. Earth penetrating radars located the trapped soldiers. Shovels and battery operated snow cutters were used to cut through the 35ft snow to reach the soldiers. One of them, Lance Naik  was found with a very low pulse. He was trapped in a 35Ft deep snow for a period of 5 days struggling to survive at -45 degrees. As his body was accustomed to the local weather and also his luck helped him survive in this catastrophic condition. He was airlifted to the Delhi Army hospital and is currently in a state of comatose.

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Now that Lance Naik is fighting another battle, the whole country is praying for his speedy recovery.

As  civilians we tend to ignore the fact, that the Defence forces are making our lives easy by putting theirs in danger. Strength, determination and training is what sets these soldiers apart. Undying efforts of the forces time and again have kept us safe and secure. Even the extreme climatic conditions do not deter them from protecting the country. The rigorous training which they go through help them fight the odds. The Defence forces are posted across all our borders 24 X 7.  Brotherhood and fight till you die attitude is their key strength. They are always ready to go that extra mile to keep us safe and secure.

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Image courtesy: Google

Kudos to the Indian Defence Force. We are really proud to see the country in such capable hands.

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