The Hashtag Era

The past one week, Facebook was dominated with hashtags. This is not the first instance when this has happened but this time it sure got me thinking or to be precise writing. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is nothing but 2-3 word description about your topic, picture or video preceded by a hash (#) sign.

Hashtags are about creating awareness, but more so ever it’s a way to bring people closer. some 4-5 decades ago in case of any trouble the only resource of help and support would be known friends, family and neighbors but now it’s just that the world becomes your friend and family. Two classic examples are

#SiachenMiracle: Indian army is posted everywhere, in adverse conditions they stand tall and strong to protect the country. A massive ice-wall, measuring almost a km wide and 800 m tall, crashed on  the Sonam Post, at 19,600 ft in the Northern Siachen Glacier, on 3rd February 2016,  which had 10 soldiers of the 19 Madras Regiment stationed. The temperature was -45 degree in Siachen, even though chances of survival at this temperature is negligible a rescue team of 200 soldiers was formed. These soldiers carrying their heavy snow cutting equipment’s, basic requirements and fighting the cold temperature did retrieve the bodies and a miracle. After 5 days of the event, one of the soldiers was rescued with a very low pulse. It was a miracle to survive as he was trapped in a hole 35 feet deep and at -45 degree for 5 days.

Image courtesy: Google

The internet went viral with #SiachenMiracle, and the country stood beside the brave heart. With prayers, wishes for his speedy recovery suddenly Lance Naik had a big family of 1.2 billion people. Though he did not survive but people had come forth and agreed to donate vital body parts for his speedy recovery. Also the efforts and pain that these soldiers take even in case of zero hope for their colleagues made me feel more proud and secure.

#HelpFindDipti: An employee of Snapdeal went missing one evening while returning back from work. The E-commerce giant posted information on social media, requesting people to give any information regarding her. After 30 hours of being kidnapped Dipti was safely returned home.  Efforts of Police and the authorities along with the media pressure was maybe what led the kidnappers to release her unharmed. 

Image courtesy: google

Again the 1.2 billion population of country stood together besides Dipti and her family.

What’s my point over here? It’s simple that these hashtags have become a part of our family. They teach us, update us and make us react on what’s happening around us. 

India was always known for “unity in diversity” and with these #tags it’s proving it true.. 


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