Clash of Clans – Narwals of Indian Kabaddi


Over the years, Kabaddi has progressed from a frequently played and much loved sport, to a skilled team game played in the international world of sport. Star Sports Pro Kabaddi has further advanced the sports’ reputation and reach internationally, by re-packaging and re-vamping the game, thus transforming it to be aspiration and popular in Country.

But that’s not what we are discussing here; let’s talk about what this Clash of Clans in Indian Kabaddi. So if you are wondering what this Clash is all about let us explain it.

Even if you are not a keen follower of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi and happen to hear the commentary you are bound to hear the names Surjeet Narwal, Parmod Narwal, Rajesh Narwal, Sonu Narwal, Mahipal Narwal, Sandeep Narwal, Rakesh Narwal, Pradeep Narwal, Nirbhay Narwal, and Deepak Narwal.

Did you notice something common there with the above mentioned, Ya we know you did and that’s the Last name Narwal, No they are not from the same family but from the caste or community. Narwals are Jatts from North India Mainly from Haryana and Punjab, Narwals are traditionally Farmers and kids form this community are drawn towards Wrestling from an early age given the influence of Khusti they also try their hands on the most riveting and adrenaline pumping sport of India “Kabaddi”.


Meet the Narwals

Rajesh Narwal

Rajesh N
Rajesh Narwal – Raider – Jaipur Pink Panther

One of the consistent raider of the team plays by strategies in mind.  He has become a most followed player, as his  jumping over the chain move, is to be watched out.

Surjeet Narwal

Surjeet N
Surjeet Narwal – Raider – Captain –   Bengaluru Bulls

The Captain and raider of the Bengaluru Bulls become favorite player of the season.Though he missed the second season he came up with the blast in this season.

Sonu Narwal

Sonu N
Sonu Narwal – Raider – Jaipur Pink Panthers

This Pink Panther Raider who loves Kabaddi enjoys being a Policeman too! Having missed the first season, he has left no stones unturned and is putting his best foot forward, quite literally, in the current season !

Deepak Narwal

Deepak N
Deepak Narwal- Raider – Patna Pirates

This Patna Pirate raider, Deepak Narwal is popular as an all rounder player. Deepak Narwal is a strong believer of “Give and Take” policy he is an excellent player in all parts of the game.

Pradeep Narwal

Pardeep N
Pardeep Narwal – Raider – Patna Pirates

The 19 years old Raider of the Patna Pirates is as fierce as a pirate on the Kabaddi field. Scaring off the opponents and delivering a victorious performance has made him one of  the most reliable players of the team.

Mahipal Narwal

Mahipal N
Mahipal Narwal – Raider – Patna Pirates

This Haryani Jat, plays for Patna Pirates as a defender.  His biggest achievement was the victory of his team due to his playing skills. At a crucial game when the team was just about to loose it, Mahipal showcased his experience in the game by playing it too good, leading to team victory.

Parmod Narwal

Nirbhay N
Parmod Narwal – All Rounder – Bengaluru Bulls

The All Rounder of the Bengaluru Bulls played 19 matches with 32 raids. He has won 38 points in  which 13 are total raid points and 25 are defense points.  His jersey no. is 25

Rakesh Narwal

Rakesh N
Rakesh Narwal – Raider – Patna Pirates

The Raider Patna Pirates Raider played 11 matches with 48 raids. He has won 21 points in  which 21 are total raid points and 0 are defense points. His jersey no. is 99

Sandeep Narwal

Sandeep N
Sandeep Narwal – All Rounder – Patna Pirates

Though Sandeep has a family background of Kabaddi; he struggled a lot for the game. Starting from a Junior State level from Haryana he has now reached to becoming a Captain of the most eligible team in the league. Hats off to the determined, hard working all rounder of Patna Pirates.

Nirbhay Narwal

Nirbhay - All- Rounder Bengaluru Bulls
Nirbhay – All- Rounder Bengaluru Bulls

The Defender of the Bengaluru Bulls has played just 1 match. Though he has not got chance to show his talent and capabilities; we are sure he will be the next player to be watched. His jersey no. is 40

In Star Sports Pro Kabaddi all these Narwals are pitted against each other and represent different team but on a lighter note all these strong men can form a team of their own like “Narwal Avengers” or “Expandable Narwals”

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