Some Headlines to make you go WTF!!!!

North East West South (NEWS)… remember the common general knowledge question asked to kids. Today it is called as the “Media Circus” as some NEWS shared are just not required. The only way people react to such news with a WTF reaction. Sharing some NEWS headlines which would really make you go nuts.


Was it Veg or Non Veg? with cheese without cheese? grilled or plain? Please don’t give incomplete information.


Last resort the “Chudail” had to scare the ever so dangerous Humans.


ABRCADABRA !!!!! You people thought it was a Natural disaster.


No More NESScafe or NESStea for Priety Zinta.


The Aliens also wanted their share of Suroor…..


Hai Hai …. Baki ke bhi bata do….


All those who thought it was his hard work and perseverance, actually it was the Devil in the mind of the God of Cricket.


Really!!!! What’s wrong with the Weather Gods, don’t they know they are bothering

“ The Amitabh Bachchan”


Just a request to the people involved in this circus…Please spare us this information. 

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