Some Headlines to make you go WTF!!!!

North East West South (NEWS)… remember the common general knowledge question asked to kids. Today it is called as the “Media Circus” as some NEWS shared are just not required. The only way people react to such news with a WTF reaction. Sharing some NEWS headlines which would really make you go nuts. Was it Veg […]

Freedom 251….Take it with a Pinch of Salt

Today the World woke with a different ringtone…. the one which sang Freedom 251. World’s cheapest smartphone has been launched at just Rs.251/-. In case you are wondering, let me assure you I did not skip any ‘0s’. Just before you click the “Buy Now” button, sharing some facts will be your pinch of salt. […]

11 Selfies to make you Smile

Selfies, the art of using your smartphone to click pictures by making funny faces. No matter what the definition is, it is one thing that many of us like to do without any reason. So presenting some such crazy selfies …. Trust me, when I say it’s me holding the Selfie stick.   What do […]

The Hashtag Era

The past one week, Facebook was dominated with hashtags. This is not the first instance when this has happened but this time it sure got me thinking or to be precise writing. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is nothing but 2-3 word description about your topic, picture or video preceded by a hash (#) […]

Now that Virat is single…..

Virat Kohli..This talented cricketer has suddenly become an eligible bachelor. His recent breakup with his long time girlfriend Anushka Sharma has left people speculating who would hold his hand and help him walk over his past. Let’s take a look at the possibilities..   Virat Kohli & Nargis Fakri The Rockstar babe is sexy, good […]