Now that Virat is single…..

Virat Kohli..This talented cricketer has suddenly become an eligible bachelor. His recent breakup with his long time girlfriend Anushka Sharma has left people speculating who would hold his hand and help him walk over his past. Let’s take a look at the possibilities..


Virat Kohli & Nargis Fakri

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The Rockstar babe is sexy, good looking and one of the most desirable single actresses in town. The pucker face and the slender frame, sure are Virat’s preference and wont let him miss a certain someone!


Virat Kohli & Amy Jackson

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The British model and actress can be a good suitor for Virat Kohli. Her enduring looks will definitely compliment Virat’s charm. This Indo-Brit pair would definitely make a good looking couple.


Virat Kohli & Aditi Rao Hydari

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This actress with a Royal lineage would make a hot and steamy couple with Virat Kohli. Her “skills” have well been proven in her movie Yeh Saali Zindagi. One interesting couple to look forward to.


Virat Kohli & Shraddha Kapoor

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The girl next door. Her simple persona will compliment Virat’s intricate nature. The Ashiqui girl sure knows to take care of the distressed. This couple can definitely paint the town red!


Virat Kohli & Yami Gautam

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The yummy Yami and the dashing Kohli, two most eligible singles in town, will surely make an amusing couple.


Virat Kohli & Sonam Kapoor

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The combination of style and class. Sonam definitely has an upper hand when it comes to being classy. Her elegance makes her desirable and famous among boys. It would be a treat to see this “elegantly charming” couple.


Virat Kohli & Kriti Sanon

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The tall beauty has impressed us with her acting skills. Her calm and composed stature sure leaves us wanting for more from her. This combination of ice and fire can definitely be something to look out for.


Virat Kohli & Parineeti Chopra

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This docile and petite actress can definitely be Virat’s girl. The talented actress sure knows how to woo boys with her innocence. This Punjabi kudi is a good match for the Punjabi munda and they sure can put a house fire!


Virat Kohli & Alia Bhat

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The stylish & bubbly actress who is all over the place lately, can sure be here too. Virat’s aggressiveness and Alia’s cuteness would definitely make them a sizzling couple. This one pair would definitely be the one to look for.


Now lets sit back and watch who wins his heart…

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