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What shows is what sells! You need to convince your customers to spend time on your website making them go through your portfolio and scan through all your products. A portfolio is what defines a company and makes an impact on the potential customers. The attractive the portfolio the better the chances of alluring the customers. The Salt template on Themeforest has more than 10 portfolio layouts to display your products in a manner that it makes the customer go through your product range. Here is an overview of the of the Salt portfolio layout.

1. Masonry Layout:

The masonry layout has 4 sub-layouts:



i. Default Style: It can never go wrong with this traditional display style. You can display a cluster of the product images with its name below the images. When you hover and click you can see the bigger image or read more about the product in the image.

ii. Style 2: Again a cluster of images but sans the title. The equal spacing gives the layout a clean look. Get the name of the image when you hover and click for the bigger picture and more information.

iii. No Gutter: A plain cluster of images without any spacing. A not so traditional way to display a portfolio, nonetheless, an attractive one. As there is no spacing between the images it gives a collage like look and thus makes it a creative way to display the products.

iv. Full Width: A collage that covers the screen, end to end. The thumbnails are little bigger than other portfolio styles thus making it easy for the customers to make a decision of clicking or not clicking to view the full picture.

2. Mosaic Layout:

mosaic gallery

Again a collage of images but in different heights and widths. You can decide which product picture you want to make an impact with and display a bigger picture of it and keep normal height and width for others. Click to get the original image.

3. Default Portfolio:

mosaic gallery

Display your portfolio in the cleanest way. All the thumbnail images in the same size gives all the products equal importance and makes the customer spend more time on your website.

4. Portfolio Style 2:

portfolio style 2

Just add an extra zing to your product. The frame and the name on the frame gives the product image an instant camera picture look which makes the product interesting to look at.

5. No Gutter:

No Gutter

A strip of product images of the same size that makes the display of products simple, yet elegant. You can club a particular type of product in a group and display those in one line. The name goes just below the product image which makes it easy to understand the image better.

6. On Click Details:

on click information

Display your products in an uniform format. Get the detailed description of the product on click. So in short, whole story in a click!

7. 3 Column: This layout again has 3 styles.

3 column

i. Default Style: No clutter. Just plain and simple. A 3 column style to display the products in a crisp manner. The details appear on hover.

ii. Style 2: Again a clean and clear display of 3 columns but with a frame and image name in place.

iii. No Gutter: Again a 3 column style to display the products in a crisp manner but without any spacing giving the pictures continuity.


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