Nation Calls.. An Eye Opener!

We say India is a progressive country but are we really progressing?? There are things we need to think before we call ourselves progressive! We need to respect better, value more and manage better. The below video by Shudh Desi Endings is definitely an eye opener. It is sure to get us thinking and if […]

Clash of Clans – Narwals of Indian Kabaddi

  Over the years, Kabaddi has progressed from a frequently played and much loved sport, to a skilled team game played in the international world of sport. Star Sports Pro Kabaddi has further advanced the sports’ reputation and reach internationally, by re-packaging and re-vamping the game, thus transforming it to be aspiration and popular in […]

Some Headlines to make you go WTF!!!!

North East West South (NEWS)… remember the common general knowledge question asked to kids. Today it is called as the “Media Circus” as some NEWS shared are just not required. The only way people react to such news with a WTF reaction. Sharing some NEWS headlines which would really make you go nuts. Was it Veg […]

The Hashtag Era

The past one week, Facebook was dominated with hashtags. This is not the first instance when this has happened but this time it sure got me thinking or to be precise writing. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is nothing but 2-3 word description about your topic, picture or video preceded by a hash (#) […]

The Siachen Miracle

Miracles do happen and it is proven time and again, the Siachen survival is one of them. The Siachen rescue operation proves the capabilities, determination, dedication and perseverance of the Indian Defence force. A massive ice-wall, measuring almost a km wide and 800 m tall, crashed on  the Sonam Post, at 19,600 ft in the […]