Importance of Communication for Inbound Marketing

Creating a compelling content is one of the necessities for the marketers in today’s digital world. It is a big challenge to create new content that is attractive for the numerous digital channels like social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. It is also essential to create a relevant website which is useful for the potential customer at every step of the buying process. Inbound Marketing has gained utmost importance and is changing the marketing scenario altogether.

Even so, just generating the inbound interest is not where the job ends! How to convert this interest into a sale is a bigger challenge. The crux being effective demand and response process, inbound marketing is undoubtedly the best revenue generating tool in today’s market.



The response speed is the most important factor that determines the future of the prospective client with the company. These inbound leads are more likely to convert into a customer if they are called within the first 5 minutes of their expression of interest and another research shows that leads are nearly 400% more likely to convert if they are reached within 1 minute. When a lead is generated through Inbound Marketing, the company has an upper hand as the customer is already thinking about the company and has read about the company. It is because of his interest that he has contacted the company thus making it a tad bit easy for the company to convert this lead into the customer. You want your leads saying “ that was quick!” when you reach them on the phone within minutes of their contact with your company.



The relevance should always be proved! Let them know, that you know. Sounds confusing, Let me explain it’s obvious the company contacting you already knows about you and thus has approached you. It’s your turn now to let them know how much you know about them and how relevant and important your product is to them. Unless you make a valid point, there is no one listening! Let them not have a feeling of their time being wasted. No one appreciates or entertains it! More than listening to their problems or queries, make them feel you are here to help them and share their risk and its only thing relevant to you then.



It is not always that the prospect wants to hear about how Awesome your product is. He probably knows that and that is why he has approached you. All you need to give him is an insight as to how your product will help him reap benefits in his business rather than just the benefits of the product. You can discuss strategies, industry trends, marketing campaigns and help them understand how the use of your product have made a difference or rather maybe simplified the task. Let them get an understanding as to how the product will be a value addition or help in value addition.



Insight and empathy has to go hand in hand. Building trust is important as without it, there is nowhere to go! You have to assure them you understand their daily challenges and empathize with them. This can only come when you genuinely care and thus you will be able to understand why the prospect actually came up to you and what he is actually expecting of you. Even though it can be difficult to put yourself in their shoes, that shall make it easy to understand and thus cater to the prospects requirements. If you don’t care, they’ll know, which will only lead to distrust.



It’s important to have confidence in your knowledge about your product, market scenario, industry trends when you are communicating with the prospect. You should be ready for any kind of query the prospect can come up with. Uncertainty is something the prospect can easily figure out. Thus to avoid any such unpleasant situation you should be well informed and knowledged. A skillful and confident company representative is very crucial in turning a prospect into a customer. You should have a thorough knowledge of the topic when you have to teach or convey it to someone.

Inbound marketing simply would not work without prompt demand response.

With speed, relevance, insight, empathy, and confidence, inbound marketing can dramatically improve revenue growth and thus help build a healthy business.

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