How I wish I had “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” like them….!!!!

The only people who don’t like F.R.I.E.N.D.S are the ones who haven’t seen it or those who don’t understand the American accent!

Around the whole hooplah about the Friends Reunion, the one thing that is always astonishing is what it is about it that has kept us wanting for more. What it is about the series that even after 12 years from the finale episode we speculate the return of our favourite characters every single year! The impact all six “FRIENDS” have on us in unquestionable. The fact that the traits of all the characters are so relatable, keeps the show close to our hearts. Friends is the second language most of us speak! 

Let’s take a peek in all the characters which have made us believe that they are almost for real…


Phoebe: The carefree soul. There is no place for inhibitions. ‘Do what you believe and believe what you do’ is the simple funda she believes in! We kinda get that crystal clear from her wacky compositions like Smelly Cat. She is weird in her own way, but good weird indeed. Her childhood on the street and her twisted family has made her the person she is. Her ability to find happiness in small things makes her adorable. It is her innocence what makes her everyone’s favorite.



Chandler: Sarcasm is his middle name. It is not easy to be the part of your own jokes and to laugh at yourself! As they say, “Blessed is he who can laugh at himself!” Coming off as Happy & “Gay” to most people,  Chandler uses humor as a defense mechanism, practically everywhere. The not so sensitive guy is the last person who can give you an advice but can surely interest you for a sarcastic comment! He will make fun of them but he will always be there for them. Usually nervous around females somehow manages to woo someone as hot as Monica!



Ross: The Geek! The troubled one! The one who loves Science and the one who has a Ph. D. in Paleontology. The way Ross says “Hi”, makes most of us want to kill ourselves! He is sensitive, committed and dedicated.. towards dinosaurs! He is intelligent but still has his inhibitions when it comes to women. A soft hearted person, forever been in love with Rachel, did manage to strike the wrong cord when ‘they were on a break’ but still managed to finally get her off the plane! He is always competitive with his sister Monica. He is the one who is always UNAGIed, ready for anything and everything!



Monica: Oh the bossy one! and not to forget the control freak! We all have that one friend whom we can relate to Mon. Its her need to be competitive. She is that one person who always wants things in place, literally! Be it a party or just another evening with friends in a coffee shop, she just wants everything right. No compromise on cleanliness! You do whatever you have to  but you have to be “right on schedule!” Monica is so organized that she even dances in a “Routine”. Nonetheless, she definitely lives up to the saying ‘a friend in need, is friend indeed!’



Joey: “How you doing?” That’s what plays in our mind when we hear his name. The hot, handsome and the sexiest of them all. This Man Child who is “qualified” to drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds, hates to share his food. The most important thing in his life is food; no.. sex; no.. food; sex… food, food… sex… arrgh! even we can’t decide what it actually was! A total charmer, is always famous with girls/ women. He has that sensitive side when it comes to his friends. Joey takes his own sweet time to ‘get there’. His dimwitted comments has always had us in splits and made us adore him all the more.



Rachel: Her growth from being a dumb, pampered daddy’s girl  to an independent and responsible women makes us look upto her. She did commit her share of mistakes but still managed to  get over them and compose herself. Her growth from a bimbo to a career oriented girl is what connects with most of us! She is a no nonsense girl and won’t take any unnecessary opinion from anyone. This girl, whose world looked all perfect from the outside, had her own insecurities, just like most of us! Her relationships with her friends and Ross clearly shows the emotional side of her.



The main essence of the series is, all are equal! Nothing less..Nothing more! 

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