Freedom 251….Take it with a Pinch of Salt

Today the World woke with a different ringtone…. the one which sang Freedom 251. World’s cheapest smartphone has been launched at just Rs.251/-. In case you are wondering, let me assure you I did not skip any ‘0s’. Just before you click the “Buy Now” button, sharing some facts will be your pinch of salt.

Launch of Freedom 251

1) If a phone costs you less than a Medium Pizza, then its to good to be true, so proceed at your own risk.


2) How many of us heard about this company Ringing Bell, regardless they are a new entrant into electronics, so as a consumer I should be worried about the quality of the product.

 3) Talking about unknown brand you would also be skeptical about after sales service and support.
Employees working in a call center
4) According to Authorities at Ringing bell it might take 4 months till you land your hands on your Freedom 251 after the booking, now yes we can wait for a phone that I got for less or no cost at all. but given the volume of bookings happening we  do doubt if it will take 4 months.
 5) Be prepared for a no return policy, though one year warranty is mentioned, but as we have already mentioned about our doubts on support and service.

It is your Freedom, use it Wisely !!!!!!

Image source: Google

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