Coming Soon Templates are important, here’s Why?

For an entrepreneur, startup or an existing business having a well designed and developed website is a must, this is how you connect with leads and convert them into customers.While building a new website or revamping your old one, it is important to create curiosity amongst the audience. In case you are revamping your old website, it is more so ever vital that you do not lose the existing visitors. How would you achieve this?

The “Coming Soon” page is the answer to this. A Coming Soon page is a temporary home page telling visitors that your site is under construction and would be launched soon. Let us study about the main aspects of it.

What is “Coming Soon

Today the “Coming Soon” page is not just a picture of a “working man” with an orange cone near it on a white background, and a headline saying “Under Construction”, it is about creating inquisitiveness amongst the visitors. The efficaciously-designed landing page apart from being visually pleasant and appealing should be able to create buzz and anticipation amongst the visitors.


There are numerous options available in the form of ready made templates online, browse through them at Themeforest.


The “Coming soon” page has below major goals

  • Announce the impending launch of a website.
  • Give a brief about the company’s products and services.
  • Cajole visitors to come again, once the site is officially launched.
  • Collecting data of visitors by using “notify me when launch” call-to-action button.

A properly designed “Coming Soon” page not only pushes the anticipation to a higher level, it also keeps the visitors in  loop by getting them to subscribe to the news update. Let us understand the various types of “Coming Soon” page

Mission of the Site

The most important use of this page is to educate the visitors about your site and set their expectations. Use of few paragraphs or sentences as an introduction of your companies products/services is a definite along with the expected launch date. Providing the mission statement of your company is highly recommended.

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Through your mission statement, visitors would understand an idea of whether the final website will appeal to them and be something that they can use in the future. Include these 4 things while writing a mission statement

  • Say what’s coming
  • Explain the Site’s purpose
  • Create Curiosity
  • Launch Date

The latter two being optional, but recommended.

One cautionary advice would be, don’t be too talkative and say everything let the surprise element be there. Keep it short and precise.

Unless you want to use the curiosity to get visitor subscribed your site, try to use comprehensive words based on your preferred language. Once visitor knows more about your site, they are more likely to bookmark your site or sign up a subscription to welcome the launching day.

Encourage Subscription

Now that you have introduced your site, get your visitor to subscribe. Subscription is a firmly established fact to ensure revisits. Subscription forms will help you in creating an effective and relevant database of interested visitors, connect with them later by sending regular newsletters. The sooner you start collecting emails the better.


For a subscription form, you can be as creative or as simple as you want. The subscription button is a rounded square box which prompts users to fill in the below data

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Acceptance of terms & conditions
  • Incentives/Special offers to visitors.

it’s very clear that telling the visitor what they can expect is the most effective way you can persuade them to subscribe your site for the update. Just remember that in any form of subscription, don’t spam your subscriber.

Do remember the old School rule, Thank visitors for subscribing and urge them to share with friends & colleagues.

Keep Visitors Updated via Social Networks

People in this day and age are using some form of social media, with the existing networks you have a bunch to select from. Marketing through social media has been successful and is garnering popularity over the years. Invest some time other than your design work on social networks by sharing posts and writing blogs.

Social Network

Just before you integrate social media, analyze if you are going to be active on it. An inactive page of social media is worse than having no social media presence.

Use social media icons on your page at easily visible locations, vice versa when you post on a social media ensure that the posts are linked to active website links.

Steps to use the social media networks require the following:

  • Social media icons
  • Promotion
  • Frequent updates

In this case, placing some linked social network icon allows you to build your social network kingdom even your site is not yet launched. Linking to social network like DeviantArt also allows visitor to visit your portfolio or current work, which directly increase their interest on your coming new site.

Provide Contact Information

Do want to ensure business when you come enter the market? How do you expect to get an early jump on the marketplace if visitors can’t contact you? Absent contact information defeats the entire purpose of getting in touch with the market you are trying to tap into.


If you’re launching consulting or shopping site, contact would be the key role for your successful sales conversion. Any contact method like store location, email address or phone number is suitable, just make sure you can really be reached with these methods.

Although the ultimate goal is to get the email address but not all visitors are keen to subscribe. Direct 1-on-1 contact with a quick response leaves a positive mark. Direct contact humanizes your business, and everyone likes business that feels personable.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is one of the convenient tools on the page. Not only does it make your site more professional, it also adds a passive sense of urgency and is promotional. Visitors want to see your site launch and are curious to see what it looks like as a finished product.

Take advantage of the timer, and update your subscribers when website is just about finished. If they subscribed to your updates, then chances are they will be curious to revisit your site.

Create Curiosity

Ever heard of “curiosity killed the cat” , here the opposite stands true. More curious your visitor is, more likely he is to revisit and convert into a customer.


You can properly do some viral marketing by design a “Coming Soon” page without any introduction but may be, an interesting graphic or icon. Something which will create inquisitiveness amongst the visitors. The key here is to maintain the level of suspense.


Having a coming soon page, ultimately is your decision. Easy to use templates for these are available online at a minimum cost. One such template is “SREE” launched by Salt Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Sree is a specially crafted, fully responsive coming soon template created to impress your precious visitors. These unique demos attract more & more visitors and keep them engrossed. There are many standard templates available at ThemeForest.

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