9 Things to lookout for when buying a website template!

Today it is a must for any business to have an online presence and having a website is just the basic! But not everyone has the leverage of time and money to invest in a fancy and expensive website. A website template is just the kind of the boon you are looking for in this situation. Using a theme or a template has its own advantages, it saves time and is also easy on the pockets. Besides, there is a big template market available today. You get a pre-build template for any and every kind of business. Here is the list of things you need to have in place before you buy any template.

1. Unique Design..be different; be awesome!

Having a unique design is utmost important. It is essential that your website and design looks unique in the market. It has to stand out in order to make an impression on its target audience and hence one should be careful while buying a template. The design should not be repetitive and at the same time not very bold or gaudy.


Salt is a theme with unique and attractive designs. Salt has a platter of over 15 page layouts to offer and you can choose any layout that suits your business the best. Any design you choose is sure to give justice to your concept and business.

2. Clean Layout.. no nonsense!

Clean and minimalist layouts are always in demand. A clean layout always attracts people and has a lingering effect. It is not always recommended to pick a template heavy in design elements.



Salt has clean and crisp layouts. Its layout spells class and oomph every bit. All the layouts are designed keeping in mind the color schemes and the way your product/text can be highlighted.

3. Responsive Design..bring it all!

This is one feature that is indispensable. A responsive layout is a must as the users are shifting from desktop and laptops to more handheld devices like tablets and smart phones. In this current scenario, you can’t risk to have a website that is not compatible with the smart devices.



Salt is a 100% responsive template. It looks equally beautiful on any and every device. It adapts the to the screen size and resolution of the device you are using it on.

4. Upgrades & Support.. hand in hand we grow!

No matter how stunning the look of the theme you’ve picked, customer service is what really matters. If you don’t get prompt support from the author as and when you required the theme really doesnt make any sense. Timely updates and support from the theme authors is utmost important and that is what makes or breaks a theme.



Salt has a 24*7 support system and the authors will be available for help whenever you need them. All you need to do is raise a ticket on ticksy and all your queries will be answered.

5. Easy Navigation.. just like that!

Making your website easy-to-navigate is a key to success. So be sure to choose the theme that has a clean and intuitive navigation. You have great content, a beautifully designed layout and several easy-to-reach social sharing buttons from which to choose, but all your efforts will be in vain unless you make your site easy to navigate. If the layout looks cluttered and users can’t figure out your site, they will simply leave.

easy navigation


Salt is completely easy to navigate and very intuitive. You can give the users an ultimate user experience to slide through your website.

6. Easy Customization.. play all you want!

Customization is the crux of using a template for your website. The theme you are planning to buy must be easily customizable. Some template providers will give you a theme together with detailed guides on installation and management. Depending on what goals you pursue, check out the advanced options with which the theme comes packed.


Salt is very easy to customize and can be made and edited as per the users choice. Our video tutorials help you in understanding the theme better and accelarate your work.

7. Well Documented.. we give you all!

The code is the lifeline of the theme. It is important to check that you get a well documented code which is easy to customize.

well documented


With Salt you get a complete well documented code set which helps you in making your website hassle-free.

8. Cross Browser Compatibility.. works everywhere!

People are using a variety of different browsers nowadays like, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. and thus, it is important that the website is compatible aon all the browsers. To release you from the heavy burden of checking out your web page each time changes are being applied, modern template providers make themes cross-browser compatible for you to feel safe these will look and work effectively in all browsers.

cross browser


So is the case with Salt. It is compatible on all the major browsers and will work well on all of them.

9. Shortcodes.. your way is the best way!

Attaching media data can be facilitated by means of shortcodes. These are known as the easiest way to embed lists, tabs, audio and video data, Google maps, grids, and plenty of other elements into your site.



Salt is loaded with shortcodes. It has more than 200 shortcodes in place.

We can see Salt is a complete package of the above mentioned points and thus, will give you an edge over others while making a website for yourself. Salt is elegant, classy and  is easily customizable and thus has the capability to make your website stand out in the crowd. It is your one-stop solution for all your website needs.

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