5 Tools to Make the Life of a Web Developer, Easy!

As we all know a website is a basic necessity for any business, startup or established; big or small. Having an impressive website always helps a business to impress its visitors and convert them to customers. Let’s take a look at few tools for web developers which can certainly help.

Nowadays the website developing and designing process has become less gruelling than it was before and hence it has increased the competition in this domain. There are different tools which a website development company must use, from the point of view of designing and/or management.


Tools for web developers
Gone are the days when designers believed in “working hard”, now it is more about “working smart.” You ought to keep tabs on how much time is spent where. Regardless of whether you are billing by the hour or by the project, it is important to have an idea of how much time you spend on various tasks. Harvest makes time tracking simple and also let’s you keep track of client expenses, estimates and invoicing. With a nice UI and powerful reporting features, I think it is the best project time tracking app that I have tried for a web developer.


Tools for web developers
When it comes to project management systems, everyone really has their own preference. What I like about Trello is how customizable it is and that it can be used for a lot of different things. As a web developer, you don’t just have tasks that are either “Not Done” or “Done”, but have tasks that are “In Progress” which is an important state. Trello’s boards (Scrum methodology) allows you to cater to this need, while not limiting your own improvements and creativity in the way other scrum-focused systems do. Oh, and it is free!

Adobe Edge Inspect

Tools for web developers
Checking mobile sites or responsive designs and debugging them is not a painless process. Adobe Edge Inspect at least tries to make it a bit less painful since it lets you both preview and inspect (using a web inspector) sites on your devices. You use the app on your computer and their companion apps on your devices. Edge Inspect is also a part of the Creative Cloud.


Tools for web developers
Testing sites across multiple browsers is a big pain. Imagine if all browsers would render the same… Since that’s not the case, BrowserStack is one of many services to lets you quickly get screenshots of how your site looks across a wide range of browsers and operating systems. It will give you a good overview so that you then can decide where you need to spend more work debugging potential issues.


Tools for web developers
It’s amazing how much images can be optimized and compressed before going on the web without losing much quality. Even if you save from Photoshop using it’s Save for Web and Devices feature, the image can usually be compressed more. Make it a point to run all your web images through the free ImageOptim tool before uploading them to see direct speed and performance improvements.


Start using these tools and be sorted!

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