What are the 5 Important Elements of a Website?

The website is the focal point of social media marketing, it is the way people connect to prospective and existing customers. Not only website is a place to promote your brand, but it also is a powerful data collection tool.

Website is the foundation of any marketing efforts, and we know that stronger the foundation, stronger the structure is.

Let us see some of the elements required for website designing.


Space in the website is very important because it dictates everything from flow, to readability. Space utilization has changed a lot since the last decade. Vast spaces and increased spacing between lines of text is the trend.

A well-spaced Website

Spacing is the key determinant here. For text with same elements, consistency should be present in terms of spacing. The amount of space between the lines in a paragraph should be the same, as should be the amount of wrap around images.

Space is also important when it comes to creating a focal point for users. An image or piece of text surrounded by white space will appear larger and more important than one that is crammed into a smaller or tighter location in the design. Also note that space should not always be white, at times this gives an impact of lack of elements. If required do use a background colour or a texture.

Good Visual Design

Design is a word which surrounds all the visual elements of a website- logo, font, white space, theme, template, layout and colour.
Using a theme that relates to the topic of your website can help to keep you/your content on track. While designing it is important to use white space appropriately and plan the colour scheme accordingly.

Visual Design1
Impressive Visual Design

A Good design is created with pleasing and simple visual themes. Loud, over saturated colors and heavy graphics, have a tendency to hide the most prominent feature of the site. An ideal design is which enables the user to first grasp the content at header, then content and lastly the data collection form.

Busy graphics and over saturated colors have a tendency to fight what should be the most prominent feature on your site, content. The hierarchy of design should be such that the viewer’s eye goes exactly where you want him to go; the header first, content second, and then to a data collection form.


Want to drive a customer away, make the navigation confusing! Because Navigation is the “GPS” of a website.

Easy to Navigate

Navigation between the various pages and the current location page, should be ease to perform tasks by the users.

The navigation bar should be easy to understand and be easily accessible. It should be uniform throughout the site. The size, placement and colour of the side bars should be constant.

An Attention-Grabbing Headline

The first thing people see when they visit a site is the Headline, this being the case as it is written in a separate format. The headline is the key element, deciding if the visitor will stick around or close it.

An Attention grabbing Headline

Headline should be well-written: It should be clear, concise and to the point. It should also be enticing so that visitors’ gets interested and make them eager to learn more about what you’re selling. Emphasizing on the products and services of the company helps in this case.

The headline should be an attention grabber, creatively written and standing out. Use of large font size, bold, italics, a different colour will help you achieve this.

Responsive Website

Today internet access is no longer restricted to computers and laptops, it’s mobile. With smartphones, ease of internet access while on move has become possible. People browse through websites in their smartphones, Tablets apart from the PCs and Laptops.

Responsive salt
Responsive Website

Website should be responsive, by responsive I mean that its output should be compatible to the device it is being seen on. It is extremely difficult for visitors to keep scrolling for information, while browsing through a non responsive website.

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